Several FDA committee members had ties to Bayer; watchdog urges new vote.

In continuing coverage, MedPage Today (1/13, Walker) reports, “Several members of the FDA advisory committee that endorsed drospirenone-containing birth control pills had ties to Bayer, the company that makes the two most popular drospirenone-containing drugs, Yaz and Yasmin, according to a media report.” Days before a December meeting that was held to discuss the concerns surrounding the drugs, panel member Sidney Wolf, MD, “author of the consumer guide ‘Worst Pills/Best Pills’ that warns readers to avoid drospirenone-containing products,” was “not allowed to participate because of a conflict of interest.” Karen Riley, a spokeswoman for the FDA, said that “Wolfe did not disclose that information to the FDA, and after the agency determined he had a conflict, they removed him from the committee but later gave him the option to serve as a nonvoting member, which he did.”


Reuters (1/13, Yukhananov) reports that on Thursday, a watchdog group urged the Food and Drug Administration to have a new vote on the possible risk of blot clot because some of the committee members had ties to Bayer.