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Dwight D. Eisenhower, who in his last speech as President of the United States warned against the potential harm citizens face from the inordinate power of the Military-Industrial Complex, would, no doubt, have been alarmed by the documented harm produced by the Psycho-Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex.
Dr. Bruce Levine, provides insights into the burgeoning, profit-driven mental illness industry:

“Why now are we hearing more from the corporate media about the demise of the serotonin-deficiency theory of depression? Perhaps it is because the blockbuster serotonin-enhancer drugs [ such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil] have either lost their patent protection or are soon to lose it and drug companies are preparing us for the next wave of patent-protected drugs and biochemical justifications for them.”
One of the most insidious government endorsed dragnets is a mental screening tool with an 84% false-positive rate–TeenScreen. Hard to imagine that a screening tool whose predictive accuracy is only 16%–yet it is being promoted and used in schools across the country–43 states in 450 schools. Healthy children are being branded as mentally unstable and /or suicidal, serving as a means to increase the market for psychotropic drugs. See:

For more about the industrial complex and its aggressive marketing of the most toxic psychotropic drugs specifically targeting children, see recent presentation at ICSPP conference.

America’s Children Need a Rescue Operation:

See also, Drugging Our Poor By Bethany Stotts, Accuracy in the Media, October 23, 2007 “The increasing correlation between psychiatric visits and medicated therapy may call into question whether mental screening actually benefits the public.”

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